JUNE 1 - JULY 24


NWTC Summer Session is designed to be a great experience for elite/experienced wrestlers, those trying to commit and improve over the summer, or those just starting out.  


The session will challenge wrestlers to be tough, disciplined, and consistent all while creating an atmosphere that is fun and promotes a growth mindset. The teaching will mix perfecting the basic techniques of wrestling along with upper-level technique for more experienced wrestlers. 


The summer session will be heavily focused on growing in positions that will work in both folkstyle and freestyle wrestling.  With heavy focus on handfight, set up routine, leg attack finishing, short offense, leg attack defense, scrambling, and an introduction to par terre (freestyle top/bottom mat work).  Along with learning there will be an emphasis on developing good warm up habits, learning how to spar/play wrestle, live wrestling, and conditioning/cardio work.  


For those trying to elevate their game, or those just starting out, NWTC summer session will be a great experience to learn and grow!


AGES 5-8

- $170 (Entire Session)

- $15 drop-in rate

AGES 9-14 AND AGES 15-18

- $270 (Entire Session)

- $15 drop-in rate


Beginning Tuesday, June 1 through Saturday, July 24

AGES 5-8

TUESDAYS - 5:30-6:30p

SATURDAYS - 9:00-10:00a

AGES 9-14

TUESDAYS - 6:30-8:00p

THURSDAYS - 5:30-7:00p

SATURDAYS - 10:15-11:45a

AGES 15-18

MONDAYS - 5:30-7:00p

THURSDAYS - 5:30-7:00p

SATURDAYS - 10:15-11:45a


1. Complete the application and send to NWTC.TD@gmail.com and pay online.

2. Print the application and send along with a check made payable to:


    110 Hendricks Training Complex

    Lincoln, NE 68588

2021 NWTC Summer Session Application